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A Fun Way to Empower Your Child with Important Life Skills

photos by John Santoni

Since we are dining at home more than ever before, why not use this time to empower children with a little dinner prep know-how? When my mother was young, she and her sister were each given the responsibility to plan, shop for, prepare and serve a family dinner one a month - with their mother's help and coaching, of course! Did I mention they also were responsible for cleaning up afterward? Oh yes! The whole shebang!...

Plan a wholesome house party with a fabulous fifties theme the whole family will love! Fifties costumes are easy to create for every member of the family and putting them together can be a fun project unto itself leading up to the day you have chosen for your party. You could have a sock hop in the living room and practice your Swing steps! Dance the Twist and do the Mashed Potatoes! You could dance a 50s Limbo! Throw in some Hand Jive, too! (See song recommendations below.)

At Cotillion we play...

While email, texts, phone calls and even face-time are wonderful and easy ways to keep in touch, there is still nothing like the classic and timeless art of a hand written missive. Taking the time to write a  note, card or letter is such a personal and special way to connect - especially in this electronic age. There is magic in the written word and a hand written letter can be a keepsake or even a treasure that lasts a lifetime. 

The smooth feel of fine paper, a special...

April 24, 2020

It's true that manners really do begin at home, and home is where we find the most important people in our lives. But have you ever noticed that sometimes people treat perfect strangers with more consideration and respect that their own family members? Strange as that may seem, it is actually normal, at least from time to time. Since we are together so much, our families see us both at our worst and at our best. Nevertheless, if we believe respect and consideration are important, wouldn't we bes...

October 17, 2019

If you have not yet had the chance to read this New York Times Bestseller, I urge you to do so. The Collapse of Parenting, by Dr. Leonard Sax covers a wide range of very important subjects that deeply impact our children, all stemming from a gradual transfer of authority from parents and teachers to peers and social media.

The effects of this transfer of authority are wide reaching and can be deeply damaging, both psy  chologically and physically.

Dr. Sax is an MD with a a PhD in psychology and...

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