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Visitor's Attire Guidelines for Patron Hosts and Audience Members

Dress codes can be confusing at times because they can mean different things to different people. The following descriptions are meant to be short and sweet, so they are not overly detailed (although many dress codes certainly are!). Whether your child's cotillion is held at a country club or a different type of venue, we do ask that audience members observe a Business Casual or Country Club level of attire. (Scheduled volunteer parents are asked to dress in Semi-Formal attire - see below.) After all, our clothing choices say something about the importance of an occasion, and we want the children to feel that their practice is important. 

For Parent Volunteers on Evenings They Are Hosting

On your appointed day we ask that you dress the part. Simply a coat and tie or suit along with dress shoes for the gentlemen, and a modest dress or skirted suit for the ladies. You will be acting as host and hostess of a dressed-up event and your attire helps set the tone for the children, making their practice seem more serious and important. 

For Audience Members

Business Casual Attire

For gentlemen, a sport coat or blazer with slacks or khakis, a dress shirt (tie optional), casual button down shirt​ or polo shirt and appropriate shoes and socks.  Ladies can add dresses, skirts and blouses to this list so long as they show no spaghetti straps or décolleté.  No denim of any kind.  

Country Club Attire for Social Occasions

Elevated “casual attire”. Most clubs still have "no denim" rules. For gentlemen, a collared shirt or polo shirt - whether long or short sleeved, slacks or khakis and loafers would do well.  For ladies, a dress, or a pants or skirt outfit. Avoid very short skirts and spaghetti straps or tank tops (unless worn with a topper) as these are almost universally against country club rules.  Also taboo are sweatpants or yoga wear, short-shorts, T-shirts, tank tops or backwards caps for anyone, of any age. The idea is to convey respect for the occasion, for those around us, and for where we are. This style of dress can be a bit festive, too! 


Children 12 and over are usually expected to follow the same guidelines as adults. Children under 12 may wear clothing suitable for their age but still in the spirit of the club's codes. It is an opportunity for children who are members or guests of a country club to learn about dress codes and why they are put in place. An added benefit - being more dressed up than usual can automatically help to elevate a child's behavior. With reminders always ready, of course!

For Cotillion and Supper Club Member Dress Code - click here

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