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The Costume Page

Every Spring it's time to start planning for Costumes! Younger members attend the Costume Extravaganza for the last Cotillion of the Season. See below for Costume particulars. Older members have a 1950's themed party on a different night.  See the box on the right for details. Be sure to check your child's schedule so that you can match your child's grade to the correct party on the correct date!

The 50's Party!

- Costume Rules -

Better find some cool threads, daddy-o! We'll enjoy 50's music and props, 50's refreshments, and try some 50's dances - just for fun! And, of course, lots of Swing dancing! It's an entertaining evening to watch, so parents, please come and enjoy the fun - and take a few photos!



Jeans: medium blue,


- with the cuffs turned up!

slicked back hair or a pompadour!

penny loafers

Converse high tops

white socks

comb in back pocket

tight white Tee shirt 

- with sleeves rolled up!

button shirts

 letterman’s jackets, letterman’s sweaters 

leather jackets




"circle skirt" - with or without poodle!

dress, straight or pleated skirt

blouse or sweater

wide belt

saddle shoes, flats, 

penny loafers, or, plain keds

cat’s eye shades

pony tail with a scarf!


sweater guards

letterman's  jackets

‘steady ring’ on a chain!

bobby socks


charm bracelets!

Each year, for the closing party a special theme is announced and the ballroom is transformed into a storybook land. The Cotillion Team members are transformed as well into characters befitting the theme, and the Cotillion members come in costume as well, making for a great night for photos!  

The Annual Costume Extravaganza!

for younger grades

Wizard of Oz
The Castaways
Indiana Jones
Mary Poppins
Lord of the Rings
Alice in Wonderland
Harry Potter
Land of Oz
Pirates Reprise
World of Disney
Star Wars

Check out the slide show below to see some past Costume Themes. For all the rules you need to know for Costumes at Cotillion, and some very helpful tips, see 10 Steps for a Great Costume, below. Wonder what will the Theme be this year?

10 Steps to a Great Costume

A great costume takes thought and effort - and imagination! You’ll know you are wearing great costume if you are just a little bit embarrassed at home, or on the way to the party. Once you’re there, you’ll be glad you don’t look boring. A great costume makes you a great guest and contributes to making the party a success for everyone! By the way, you do not have to dress according to the annual theme. But you certainly may if you wish!


1. Start Early.

Is it too early to think about costume ideas for the Final Party? Not really. We all know how fast the time goes by! Suddenly, we seem to be running around at the last minute.  It’s fun when your family becomes involved in costume creation together.  


2. Wear something Big or Beautiful, or Colorful, or  Outlandish, or Scary, or Weird!  Whatever you do, don’t be boring!  

Be sure your costume is identifiable in theme so that as soon as you walk in everyone immediately recognizes who - or what - you are! Once, someone even wore a sign to explain! But bringing all the necessary props that go with your costume usually does the trick.


3. Find some Inspiration and use your Imagination! 

Looking for ideas? How about a favorite book or movie? Star Wars, Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Dr. Seuss . . . or Harry Potter? Or maybe you could look to history, or to the future, or a character from a book. And remember, you don’t have to dress up as a person. You could be an animal - or a vegetable or a mineral! Look in your garage for props! Once you begin to use your imagination, you will see inspiration all around you.


4. Remember as a Polite Guest you would not want your costume to make others feel uncomfortable or wear something that might be embarrassing to your hosts.

So, be sure that your costume does not represent a potentially offensive person or idea.  This applies to both celebrities and historical figures, and to imaginary characters from animated shows or video games, as well. Also, you wouldn't want your costume to be too skimpy or too gory.

5. The most important thing is to come as something you Never are in your Real Life.

If you come in your baseball clothes, you’re just yourself in some of your other clothes. But  if you have a game that day, you could  turn  your  uniform  into a  costume  by  wearing  a  gorilla  mask or a clown wig and makeup! Be creative!


6. Bring EVERYTHING with you!

If a broomstick, briefcase, fishing pole - and canoe - or even a motorcycle  goes with your costume, bring it with you! We’ll be sure you have a place to put extra costume parts while you dance. One exception: no live animals. If you are going as a lion tamer, no actual lions this year, please!


7. There’s No Need to Rent a costume.

Usually, the best and most creative costumes are assembled by the family rather than rented for the day. Remember there is no prize for the “best” costume, so that you can just have fun and use your imagination.


8. Members should wear something to Protect their Toes. 

The barefooted Hawaiian dancer might have trouble dancing with the Cowboy and his tall leather boots! Depending on the costume, sandals or even thick socks are much better than bare feet. And no cleats, please!


9. Please keep in mind that Members will be Moving constantly - and sometimes rapidly!

Therefore costume parts need to be secured well, or be detachable. Picture what might happen to your costume during the Mexican Hat Dance! Or the Limbo! Or even when it is time to sit down. Think it through so you’ll be prepared.


10. All regular Cotillion dress rules are OUT!

Anything goes - within reason!  (Remember Step 4.) No gloves necessary. Girls may wear pants (except to 50's Party). Boys may wear skirts! Have fun with it, and your costume will be a hit!

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