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Interest List and Information

Membership in the Martine Cotillions is by invitation. Balances of boys and girls as well as appropriate cotillion sizes are strictly observed. To learn more, or to add your child’s name to the Interest List for the Cotillion in your area, please note the options below.

For more information about The Martine Cotillions in your area, please contact:


The Cotillion Office



To Join the Interest List

To be added to the Interest List* for your area, please click on the name of the appropriate Chapter community on this page and provide the following information in the email window which will pop up:


    Parent’s names

    Child’s name, school, and current grade

    City of residence and zip code

    Contact phone number 


Your information will be kept confidential and forwarded to the appropriate Volunteer Chairperson. 


* Please keep in mind that being added to the Interest List is not a guarantee of membership.

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