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Sharing the Love

The ancient Greek’s had many words for love. (My favorite is agápe - something the world could use more of right now.) We, too, have many words describing the nuances of love. Romance, affection, appreciation, and gratitude, among them. All different sizes, shapes and colors of love. We can feel red hot passion for a person - or for our career or calling. We feel the rosy glow of appreciation for the friend who sends us a kind note or a bouquet of flowers. We feel a lovely burst of gratitude for the stranger who helped us by holding the door open while our hands were full. It’s about noticing and connecting, listening and seeing. Love shows that we matter to others and that they matter to us.

At Cotillion the bedrock of our message is to pay attention to how we affect others and strive to have the most positive impact we can. If this is our goal then we are more inclined toward kindness, respect and empathy. We are empowered to make the world a better place through our actions, words and presence.

Occasions like Valentine’s Day give us the opportunity to make a thoughtful gift of our love and appreciation. That special date on the calendar encourages us to put the focus on giving and to be inspired to think of ways to uplift those special someones in our lives. Whether a valentine hand delivered or sent half way around the world, a single pink rose offered to a cherished daughter or a dozen crimson flowers given from the heart, these seemingly small things make a tremendous impact in the moment. Such acts of appreciation, love and attention say, I see you, you matter, you are precious to me. They are special and so make the recipient feel special. Whether offering a smile to a stranger or a box of chocolates to a friend, these opportunities to show someone matters is what love is all about any day of the year.


Flowers are a wonderful way to express love and appreciation, and depending on the flowers you choose they can convey a special message of their own. In the language of flowers, a rose is a classic symbol of regard and the variety of colors translate into a spectrum of meanings. In case you're curious, here is a short-and-sweet primer on some of the most common shades and the emotions they are said to convey. Red - love and passion Pink - gratitude and appreciation White - new beginnings and remembrance Purple - fascination and adoration Yellow - friendship and caring Orange - happiness and joy


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