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For Halloween Haunters

Tricks to Make Your Costume a Real Treat!

Going to a costume party this Halloween? Hosting an event at home? Here are some tricks to conjure a great costume while keeping good manners in mind.

A great costume takes thought and effort - and imagination! Taking the time to put some effort into your costume not only makes you look great, it shows respect to your hosts and other guests. So, really get into the spirit of things!

Looking for costume ideas? The Halloween classics like witches, vampires and zombies can be fun if you like to keep things spooky. Otherwise, you can find inspiration in favorite books and movies. Star Wars, Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Dr. Seuss . . . or Harry Potter, for instance. Or, you could look to famous people of history, or current icons. Of course, you don’t have to dress up as a person. You could be an animal - or a vegetable or a mineral! Look in your garage or attic for props. Usually, the best and most creative costumes are assembled rather than rented for the day. Once you begin to use your imagination, you will see inspiration lurking all around you!

Once you have settled on your costume idea, you will want to ensure people can easily recognize who - or what - you are. Some costumes require more clues than others, and even some props to help identify your alter ego. Harry Potter needs his lightening bolt scar, glasses and wand. Dorothy needs her little basket for Toto and her ruby slippers. If a broomstick, briefcase, microphone or light saber goes with your costume, bring it with you! Just think about where the event will take place first. If you suspect space is going to be limited, leave larger props at home. Also, remember that you will need to be comfortable managing your props during the party. Hosts can help by offering a designated area to stash props that are, well, a pain in the neck.

Remember as a polite guest you would not want your costume to make others feel uncomfortable or wear something that might be embarrassing to your hosts. Be sure that your costume does not represent a potentially offensive person or idea. This applies to both celebrities and historical figures, as well as to imaginary characters from animated shows or video games. Also, you wouldn't want your costume to be too skimpy or too gory. Keeping in mind who is giving the party, and who else will be in attendance, will help guide your decision on what an appropriate costume for that particular event would be. And if your hosts have given a specific theme for the party, be sure you respect that as well. You wouldn't want to be booed! Unless you are a ghost, of course!

Ultimately, a fun costume makes you a great guest and contributes to making the party a success for everyone. After the magical evening is over, be sure to thank your hosts for a howling good time!


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