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While email, texts, phone calls and even face-time are wonderful and easy ways to keep in touch, there is still nothing like the classic and timeless art of a hand written missive. Taking the time to write a note, card or letter is such a personal and special way to connect - especially in this electronic age. There is magic in the written word and a hand written letter can be a keepsake or even a treasure that lasts a lifetime.

The smooth feel of fine paper, a specially chosen photo on the cover of a card, the beautiful and colorful designs of unique stationary, not to mention the pleasure of one's favorite pen, all contribute to an experience that is so much more than words on a page.

We tend to express ourselves differently when writing versus speaking. And when we pen the words with our own hand they take on an even more personal feel. ​

So write Grandma a fan letter and tell her all the things you are grateful she taught you. Send your aunt a confidential note. You can even write to those in your own home and tuck a note under a pillow, in a drawer, or inside a pocket.

Have fun! Express your appreciation, divulge your hopes and fears, give a little boost of inspiration, or just send your love. Your time and your words will be appreciated more than you know!

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