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The Collapse of Parenting

If you have not yet had the chance to read this New York Times Bestseller, I urge you to do so. The Collapse of Parenting, by Dr. Leonard Sax covers a wide range of very important subjects that deeply impact our children, all stemming from a gradual transfer of authority from parents and teachers to peers and social media. The effects of this transfer of authority are wide reaching and can be deeply damaging, both psy chologically and physically. Dr. Sax is an MD with a a PhD in psychology and was a practicing family physician for nearly 20 years. His broad perspective across both fields, as well as practical experience from caring for families and children over the years, comes across in his sincere yet blunt writing style. I personally read quite a bit about the challenges parents and children are facing in today’s world, but I still learned a lot from this book about the domino effects of these societal shifts - on kids’ ability to learn, that lack of sleep (usually due to electronic devices) can mimic ADD and lead to misdiagnosis, and the lack of familial closeness that results from putting time with peers above alone-time with family. His explanation of “The Culture of Disrespect,” along with the other information in this book, is of great interest in understanding the community at large and considering where our culture could be headed in the future.

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