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Simply Social 

- for grades 3 and 4

Simply Social is our new program for younger grades, giving children a strong start in important manners and interpersonal skills. The program consists of a series of four sessions, each one hour in length. While our traditional Cotillion and Supper Club programs include partners and dancing, our new Manners Series allows our young members to practice in a smaller groups in a setting that allows for physical distancing as necessary. We will incorporate entertaining and informative presentations given by our talented instructors utilizing fun activities, role playing, games and prizes, making both learning and practicing fun for all! 


The formative years during 3rd and 4th grades are a wonderful time for children to begin to develop more awareness of how they affect those around them, and to consider the impression they want to leave behind. The ideas and skills practiced at each session are designed to empower children with knowledge and experience they can carry with them into into the world and apply to a variety of future social situations.


As you can see from the description, each session adheres to a general theme ranging from personal responsibility to communication skills to electronic devices. Proper table manners will be part of each session allowing children to practice good posture, correct use of utensils and group conversation, all under the watchful eyes of our expert instructors. The final session will include a two course dinner for more in-depth practice of dining skills. Read on for more details!

Simply Social

For Grades 3 & 4

One Hour Program

Yours, Mine and Ours

Personal Responsibility & Awareness of Others

Personal Presentation - Respect for Property 

Manners when Out and About - Introducing Self and Others

- Dessert Served -


Communication is Key

Cell phone/Device Manners - Invitations, RSVPs, Thank You Notes

Speech: Formal, Casual, Slang - Conversation Skills

- Dessert Served -


The Life of the Party & When Not to Be

Being a Good Guest & Host - Gift Giving and Receiving

Dress Codes and Ceremony Protocols

- Dessert Served -


Utensils are Useful

Place Settings and Basic Table Manners - Proper Use of Utensils

Restaurant Manners - Table Conversation

- Two Course Dinner Served - 

For the latest information on dates and times, please go to the Calendar Page of your Cotillion Chapter

Interest List for

Simply Social

To place your 3rd or 4th grade child on the Interest List for Simply Social, please complete the information below.

If you are unsure of your Chapter, please refer to our last email blast, or contact your volunteer Cotillion Chair or the Cotillion Office.

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