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2023-2024 Registration

Santa Barbara Cotillion

Please complete the following information
for the 2023-2024 Cotillion Season.

Child's Information

Sibling Information

Please list siblings below if not already Cotillion members.

This form is for those who have received a personal invitation for their child to attend the 2023-2024 Cotillion Season. To complete the registration process please submit this form in order to ensure that we have all of your most recent contact information. Once payment is received and a space for your child is ensured, your Grade Chair will personally confirm your child's membership via email.


Please also remember to note siblings who are not yet part of Cotillion so that they can be put on the Legacy List for the year they are eligible to join.


A Note About the Dress Code

Many of life's most important experiences go hand in hand with dress codes. Businesses, hosts of special events, and individual venues are free to outline specific requirements for attire - and those invited to participate are free to decline to attend if they do not like the requirements. Acceptance of this invitation shall denote acceptance of our Dress Code for Young Ladies and Gentlemen.

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